Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Heart pillow and purging.

Hello my quilty friends and Happy New Year to you. 
I have a small show and tell to show you. I have been sewing. I made a Christmas quilt just in time for the new year, LOL! It is at the quilters right now and it will be back later this week for me to finish off. 

I have started a few quilt alongs (HST BOM)  and surprise to hear one is almost ( Meadowmist Modern plus QAL) done. I am pertty excited about both. 
I have been very busy purging items. My basement is becoming pretty empty, Yea Trying to get as much stuff gone or other stuff moved to the new house. My daughter was a great help, I don't know about you by I was hanging on to sentimental things. Baby bedding, a baby bassinet. I showed them to my daughter and she said GONE! Teapot collection, GONE! Decor that I put away and have not seen in a few years, GONE! Not sure if the Goodwill store is going to love me or hate me??
We have been spending time at the new house, painting and just a bunch of stuff to get it to become our home. The kids were a great help, my Son and his Girlfriend have help us paint and so did my daughter. 
I have called it my painting warrior! 

I am hoping to have some thing a little more exciting for you all soon. Right now I have to head off to work. Until I see you agian, Wishing you Quilty Hugs~ Heide


  1. Did I miss the news you are moving? We ,too, are disposing, selling, giving to the local op shop or friends or family. I thought/knew that I had a lot of STUFF, but there is still a huge amount to sort through.Times like this family to help pack.clean, paint and move are so much appreciated.

  2. Good for you for purging stuff that's been long hidden away! And I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt. No rush on that now, you've got 11 months :)