Saturday, January 18, 2020

Witches night out.

Hello my Quilty Friends. 
I have a finish for you, This was back from the quilter back in Nov, 2019. I just could not find the time to finish the binding until now. This is going to be a super fun quilt to put out next Halloween. 
Here are some of my favorite blocks. 
The hat is my absolute favorite, I just love the flower fabric. 
I made 3 of these large pumpkins. 
 Here is the top half of the quilt. Sorry about the poor photos. My official quilt holder was busy clearing the driveway of the icy snow, that started falling in the early morning here in MI. 

 Here is the view from the backyard this morning. 

Are these bubble coming out of the cauldron just the cutest! 

And of course Minky for the back. The quilting has spider webs, mini bats and moons. It shows up perfect on both the front and back. 
So there you are folks, my first finish of 2020. Thanks for stopping by. Until I see you again, Wishing you Quilty Hugs~ Heide
Monday Making


  1. What a fun Halloween quilt! I especially like the broom.

  2. The kitty on the broom is my favorite block! What a fun pattern. Did you come up with the blocks yourself, or purchase a pattern? So cute!