Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hello my quilty friends. Today I have a ombre quilt for you. I was not sure when I first made this if I would like it. The more I see it the more I love it. The colors are so bright,  warm and happy. 
I just love the quilting on it to. We used an orange thread on it, which shows up great on the gray.
Not sure what I am going to do with the little lovely. For now I am just going to enjoy looking at it.
I purchased this pattern and fabric in Dec of 2015 from Craftsy. I believe it came in cool colors or the warm. 
Here is a close up of the quilting. I also gave it my favorite backing....Minky!  It is gray to match the gray in the front.
I did a nice scrapy binding with the left over fabric pieces.  Scrappy binds are so fun! 
Thanks for stopping by my quilty friends. Tomorrow I head out with my daughter on a wonderful vacation Over Seas. I am getting super excited and will share photos when I return. So until I see you again, Wishing you Quilty Hugs~Heide 


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  2. Love the quilting, super way to finish.Have a great time overseas.

  3. This piece is SO pretty! I love the hot colors against the cool gray, and that triangular quilting is really neat! With a minky backing, I'll bet it is so soft and cuddly as well. Well done! :)

  4. The quilting is such a nice addition to the beautiful shapes of your quilt. It adds a subtle yet, wonderful addition to your piecework. Such vibrant colors and shapes!

  5. Very cute! I love the ombre on the gray background and the quilting is awesome.