Sunday, March 11, 2018

Renegade bag.

Hello my quilty friends. Today I have a new project that I have been working on. In my last post I mentioned that I have been making bags, and having fun making them! 

Today I have my first official bag that I made all by myself and a bit of help from Sara over at Sew Sweetness. Sara has some wonderful patterns and the best part is you get step by step video instructions when you buy the patterns. You can work at your own pace. This bag took me about two days. One to cut and I also started to sew it and the second day I worked on the construction for about half of the day and it was done. 
I even have two inside zipper pockets. 
A double zipper pull for the top,
and this cute little handmade tag. 
I am super happy with how this turned out. Today I am going to empty out my bag that I am using now and fill this one up so I can start to use it. 
Thanks for stopping by and until I see you again wishing you Quilty Hugs~Heide
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  1. Wow! It's wonderful! Bag making always looks like magic to me, and this one is so detailed and fancy. Congrats on such a useful finish :)

  2. Excellent fabric choices! I love this little tag, too. You will get lots of use out of this.

  3. I love the prints you chose!! This bag turned out fantastic!