Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bear paw

Hello my quilt friends! Are you a lover of Red and white quilts? I am. Red is one of my favorite colors and as a bonus I always think of my Dad when I see something red, because it was also his favorite color. I remember him always wanting to get red cars, because of it being his favorite color. 
The Bear Paw is such a classic quilt block. I started this about two or more years ago, WOW! I was thinking it was a year ago. I watched the tutorial over at Fat Quarter shop and fell in love with this traditional block with a slight twist.
 I am going to let you in on some secrets.
I had a few problems with this block, one I  ran out of the red...and could not find the same color. Heck.... it was put away for so long I forgot what red I used, LOL! So on my trip to MSQ I took a swatch and found the match. As I am writing this I hope no one asked what the red was because I Still did not write it down! I know it is a Moda solid and has red in the name.
 The second problem was the white.  I was mostly working on this at night in my sewing room. I used a second white that I did not realize until my fantastic Longarmer pointed it out to me! So I told her to keep it just between her and I! It is such a subtle different and you can only see it in the right or wrong light. 
For the backing I used a Red Grunge which I also had enough for the binding. 
and here is a close up of the backing and the beauitful quilting. 
I believe the quilting pattern is called "Bota buddy"and the thread color is white. This quilt measures 65 X 86. A nice size to cuddle up with on the couch. Even with the few problems that I had with this quilt I still love it, and I smile when I look at it because I remember my Dad and the problems that I had with this cute yet simple quilt.
That all for now. I have a few more projects that I have been working on. You can see peeks over on instagram. I have been having fun making bags and pouches. Which have been taking me away form my quilts but, such fun to make! 
Until I see you again, Wishing you Quilty Hugs~Heide 
Finish up Friday 


  1. Two shades, super design, and the quilting perfect.

  2. Looks wonderful! The crisp red and white is such a classic. Great work!

  3. So clean and fresh, love it in red and white and it will never go out of fashion. Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  4. Oh, what a wonderful, cuddly quilt finish! Love that it reminds you of your dad. I'm working on a red & white quilt right now myself, up to the borders. I have red grunge for the backing, too!!!

  5. This quilt is on my bucket list. Your version is gorgeous!! I never would have been able to pick out any of the problems you had with it. Enjoy!

  6. Heide, it's really lovely! Red and white is so perfectly classic, and the bear paw is such a great block. It really shines in this simple, high contrast setting. Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  7. I love a classic red and white quilt, this one is beautiful!

  8. A beautiful pattern! I've yet to do a two-color quilt yet, but you've sure made this one look great!