Saturday, June 27, 2015

A little Red, white and Blue.

A quick little project, a Cathedral window pincushion. I have been admiring these for the longest time. Since we have some cold rainy weather today I decided to give this a try. It was much easier to make that what I thought.
I followed the step by step instructions from Kim over at My Go-Go life.   
I now think I want to give a bag a try or a pillow. I just love how complicated it looks and it was really easy!
If you have ever wanted to give this a try....DO! It is easy and fun. 
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  1. I have to put this on a list to do : love it!
    Cold and rainy where I am as well this morning : )

  2. It looks complicated to me, but maybe I will also give it a try. Thank you for the link to the tutorial!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Heide! It's so pretty - I may need to give this a try myself! Whoop whoop for you!!

  4. Nicely done. I have admired the Cathedral Window design for a long time but never did anything with it. Making the single one would be a good project.

  5. I made one of these as a pincushion once...I used a couple pretty batiks. Batiks DO NOT make good pincushions!!

  6. So cute--love your colors! I have a pattern for one, but no time to make one--lol!

  7. Great colors!!! Thank you so much for making it and the wonderful shout out! BIG HUGS!

  8. So simple yet it looks so complicated! Very cute!

  9. that is so lovely, I love cathedral windows but have always been too scared to try, maybe I need to start with a pin cushion!

  10. Oh I have to try this. Thanks so much for the link to the tutorial. I love the fabrics that you chose.

  11. I absolutely want to try this! Thanks for linking up at the Stitch It, Blog It, Share It Link Party!

  12. You make this seem easy to make. If I attempt a cathedral window, maybe I'll start with something small first like your pin cushion.

  13. I love this, Heide! I use to make Cathedral Window pillows years ago. I never made one for myself but when my mother passed away I was able to keep the one I made for her! It looks like they have an easier way of making them with the machine now! Lovely job!