Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Hello my quilty friends. I hope you are all doing well. I have a new quilt for you today. This was a free pattern from Jordan fabrics. This was so fun and I just love the pattern. It gives you plenty of room for some beautiful quilting to show.
I used a bit of my stash for this one and only bought some fabric for the border and for the beautiful backing too. 
Since I used  Bonnie and Camille fabric on the front I decided to use the larger flower print on the back.  I found this over at Backside Fabrics. Backside is one of my favorite online shops to find large backing fabric. One of my least favorite things is to 5-6 yards of fabric and figure out how to cut it for my back. My favorite is figure once and send it off! 
This quilt is now on my couch to make me smile. 
I have not been quilting much due to this little cutie. This is Killian and her big Bro, Guinness is so good with her.  We got her from a rescue and she has kept us pretty busy. When I was at work, I would not have a minute to myself until I got her to sleep. 
Now with this horrible mess going on, I am home until April 16 or longer. So she is getting lot of attention with all of us home. 
This quilt went together super fast and I just love the effect. 
Thanks for stopping by. Hope to have more to show you soon. until I see you again, Wishing you Quilty HUGS~Heide