Thursday, June 7, 2018

Any one else haveing the same problem?

Hello my quilty friends. Just a quick check in. There is a problem with Blogger
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 I use to get emails when you would leave a comment on my posts and I love to get back to you. I noticed that about a month ago that this process stopped happening. I thought it was some thing with the new internet laws.  When my son got home yesterday, I asked him  ( he is my tech guy). After about 2mins of him doing the research there is a problem with a lot of Blogger users. Blogger is aware and working on the problem. 
So do not think I am ignoring you! I love hearing from you,reading your comments and I hope Blogger resolves this problem soon. 
Until I see you again, Wishing you Quilty Hugs~Heide


  1. I'm praying they find a solution to "fix" it soon. It feels like you are cut off from everyone. You can see them and hear them but they can't hear you :(

  2. Your keyboard has found the problem!!! Hope blogger gets it sorted, I go to "design" then comments or moderation. I miss those emails too.

  3. Yes, it's such a pain! One thing that helps: leave a comment on your own post and check the box that says "notify me." Then at least you'll see the comments via email.

    Don't just hit "reply" to those comments, though, because they are all "no reply comments," alas. But at least you'll know you're getting some response to your blog post!

    I've started putting my email address at the bottom of my comments to make it easier to contact me.
    louise dot hornor at gmail dot com