Friday, May 12, 2017


Hello my Quilty friends! 
Today's quilt is for my daughter. She heads off to college in the Fall and I wanted to make her a special quilt. I wanted something with lots of color, yet modern. Can I tell you how many patterns I have purchased thinking that she would like them. I think I have about 8 different patterns!  
Well...earlier this year I received my issue of American Patchwork and quilting Magazine (Issue 144 February 2017) and the pattern for this wonderful colorful quilt was in it. I showed her the quilt and she said yes and in the same breath she said but, in gray! Gray is her favorite color. 
 Here is my photographer assistant, Guinness. He likes to go on Photo shoots with me. 
The pattern is called "Ripple" and the Ombre fabric is by V and Co. 
I LOVE the quilting on this done by my friend Diane- Creative stitching Services. This pattern is called Time Warp.  She always knows what pattern to put on my quilts! 
This was a nice easy pattern, unless you have SDD...Sew Directional disorder ( Just made this up, LOL). I sometimes got the light ends put on the darker side ends, and then out would come the seam ripper. 
And of course minky on the back! This is one big quilt finished it is 73" X 90". when I finished binding this I went to give it to her in her room and she was asleep, so I just covered her with the quilt and the first thing she said in the morning was, I love it, it is just perfect! 
Words that make a Mamma happy. 
Thanks for stopping by and until I see you again wishing you Quilty Hugs~ Heide 
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  1. A lovely quilt to give as a gift!

  2. Beautiful colors and absolutely love the quilting!

  3. Love the quilt, your daughter has great taste. You are right about the quilting, it's a great pattern and so very effective on this design. Guiness looks as if he is working hard keeping everyone in line and everything working smoothly, so cute.

  4. This is so beautiful! I love the grey background and you're right about the quilting pattern being the perfect choice for this quilt!

  5. Grey is a wonderful background for those colours. A treasure.

  6. It's lovely! The colors, the pattern, the quilting, everything! What a great gift to take with her in the fall.

  7. I made a quilt for my daughter when she went away to school too. Your daughter will feel like she's getting a warm hug from home when she uses her quilt.

  8. LOVE IT ! fabulous job love everything about it. Your daughter is very lucky. Micki

  9. This is a beautiful quilt! Love the colour and the quilting. So glad to hear your daughter is pleased with it!

  10. This is GORGEOUS, Heide! Perfect for a college dorm, really effective use of the ombre fabric, and the quilting design complements the piecing beautifully. Congratulations on launching your daughter off to college AND on a lovely finished quilt!

  11. Aww so sweet, and what a wonderful way to gift a quilt!!! It must seem magical to wake up under such a gorgeous quilt! I'm going to try that method the next time I gift a quilt to one of my kids, I think! <3 Lovely finish!