Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gnome quilt

Hello my quilty friends! I have a finish for you today. This one is going to be for my family and it will be our winter quilt.
This adorable pattern is by-Sherri Noel over at I quilt patterns. The quilt pattern is called Scandinavian Tomte quilt and it goes together rather fast. I just love red and white quilts...don't you?
And every time I see this this cute guy I smile!

Here is a look at one of the 3 trees, I used 4 different reds for each tree. 
I was a little nervous about washing this quilt...because of my experience with my last red quilt. But, as I learned it is about the fabric. I have to say it is all American made fabric and the red bleed a little but, not into my white. I used about 6 color catchers in the wash, washed in cold water with vinegar and no bleeding into the white. *Happy Dance*!
 I had it quilted in white thread in this beautiful snowflake pattern. The quilting is done by talented quilting friend Diane- At Creative Stitching Services. If you live in MI (SW-Detroit suburbs) check her out. I had this beauty back the next day as well as a pillow and another small throw. I was amazed at how fast she got these done!
Here is another look at the beautiful snowflakes that really show up on the snuggly red flannel backing. 

Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year! 
Quilty Hugs~ Heide 

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  1. Heide, that is so lovely, I like the different reads in the tree. All good wishes to you for the New Year.

  2. This is gorgeous - I love it.... the little guy is adorable, as are the snowflakes in the quilting. Certainly one to make you smile each year.

  3. I love this quilt. The Tomke is so cute.

  4. This is so adorable! I may have to add it to my to do list now!

  5. That little gnome just cracks me up Heide. So cute!
    It's the perfect quilt for all winter long. Love the snowflake quilting - exactly right for the quilt!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Love that little gnome, Heide! That's a great fum Christmas quilt!

  7. This is so fun, and that Gnome is too cute!

  8. Yes, I love red and white quilts (and can't believe I've never made one.) That Santa gnome is the cutest thing I've seen all season. Your family is sure to enjoy this for years. Merry Christmas Heide!

  9. This is such a cute and cuddly quilt! So glad to hear you did not have any trouble with the reds bleeding into the white this time around. And the quilting is simply perfect for this! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Heide!

  10. Too cute! What a great Christmas quilt.

  11. That is really cute! My sister would love the gnome. I'll have to remember that for next Christmas.

  12. I just stumbled across your post! I love your little guy! Thanks for sharing my pattern link!

  13. I had to poke through your blog to find your Tomte quilt! It is even cuter quilted than it is as a top. I love seeing it in the snow!
    I just had a bleeding incident with my last red/white quilt. It was a king sized scrap quilt, and I knew I was taking my chances by not washing scraps, but some were just too small. I washed it twice in cold water with 11-15 color catchers each time. It still bled. I've decided it doesn't affect the function of the quilt, so we are using it. If it had been for display or a show, I would have been crushed.