Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Then and Now Linky party.

Hello, I am joining in on the the linky party hostessed  by Leanne The Devoted Quilter. This is to show off how far you have come from the first time you started quilting.

                                                        Devoted Quilter

It is rather fun to look back upon you work to see where you were an where you are now. I do wonder, where I am headed in a year from now or even longer. 

Here is one of my first quilts.
Half Square Triangle Heart Quilt
As cute as it looks in the photo....it is a nightmare, Some of the seams are coming apart...held together by the quilting, the binding needs to be fixed some raw edges showing. This was my very first quilt. I had not mastered the 1/4 inch seam. I believe this was a tutorial over at Modern Handcraft.

Jelly Race-

                                   I paid for someone to put the binding on this one, and  believe I  still needed to  master that 1/4 inch seam. LOL!

Dog Gone Cute-
I got it! That 1/4 in seam will no longer cause me an issue! I remember having so much fun finding all the different fabrics for this one.
Ribbn Star-
This ribbon  star quilt turned out so pretty, not the biggest fan of sewing with batiks, I do love the colors and very please with how all this went together.

Hope Chest-

I love this quilt and use it daily on my couch, it is snuggly and warm and the pattern makes me very happy. Yet I had trouble with piecing the backing on this one.  I cut it all worng and had to sew it back together and re-cut.

Giraffe family-
This was a baby gift and I was so happy with how this turned out.

Baby Fox-
Another baby gift. Super please with how this turned out and I put this together in about a week. I even gave a try at applique with the glasses, a flange binding as well and quilted by me.

Paper piecing quilts!

 Small table runner.

Such a simple little pattern, but the start of my paper piecing.

Here is a small quilt I started paper piecing


I made this for my son's girlfriend, a very challenging pattern for me.

Woodland QA-
Tiny tiny pieces!

 This was a commissioned pattern that I sewed of my favorite guy! 21 sections, and 12 different fabrics. 

There were a bunch in between the ones I am showcasing for the linky party. These are just some of my highlights. 
If you want to join in and take a stroll down you quilty lane stop by Devoted Quilter. 
Until I see you again wishing you Quilty Hugs~ Heide  


  1. I think it is awesome how each quilt has its own story and lessons we learned from making them. Thanks for sharing part of your quilting journey!

  2. I loved seeing your progression through these quilts, especially the paper piecing ones. You really have mastered that skill! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful quilts and for linking with Then...and Now!

  3. Great post! So much fun to see your the progression of your skills! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's always amazing to see where we started and how we've grown. From your heart quilt down to Guinness, I love them all.

  5. You've had a great eye for color and pattern from the very beginning! I would never guess that those early quilts weren't holding up very well, but my first couple had that same problem. A really, really scant 1/4" seam just plain falls apart!

  6. What a journey you've had! Isn't it fun to see how far we've grown in our craft?

  7. No wonder you stayed with quilting - that heart quilt is gorgeous! What a great range of projects and all really lovely!