Friday, June 17, 2016

Mini Mania!!

Hello and Welcome to my quilting blog! Today I have all the mini's that I have been working on. First off is a left over fox from my quilt Foxy (Elizabeth Hartman pattern). I have no idea why I had one lonely fox head, but I did! The new addition to this were the glasses. I used Lara Buccella (Buzz in Bumble) Technique for the glasses and it worked wonderfully. This mini measures 11.5" x10.5.
This is such a awesome technique! Not going to give anything have to get her new book to see what I am talking about, but trust me super cool!

Here is another mini that I used her crafted applique on.
 I found this adorable free pattern Thimble Blossoms ( Mini Raincheck). One of the issues that I had with this is it is small and I have fat finger that can not cut tiny pieces. So I used my Cricut ( added a link in case you do not know what a Cricut is ) to cut letters (J's) out of the black fabric and trimmed them down to make the umbrella handles. It worked perfectly. This mini measures 8"x 10".

Here is another quilt that I used the crafted applique on. Is this one.
This is actually a paper pieced pattern by Threadbare Creations called Fleur. It you have not been to her is such eye candy!! I used the crafted applique on the tiny center piece. It was the first time I used this technique and I was amazed! This mini measures 15" x 15".

This little mini measures 15.5" x 15.5". The pattern is called Arabesque and you can find it at Woodberry way. 

...and the last mini is this cute paper pieced butterfly quilt. This measures 10" x 10".
I had a bunch of scraps left over from my umbrella quilt so I thought about using them up with this cute colorful little mini.  I found this pattern at Lillyella and it is called Butterfly charms. It is one of Lilly Ella's free patterns. She a bunch of adorable patterns on her site. I am eyeballing her very cute Undercover Maker mat.... adding this to my to do list!

This is what I have been doing to keep myself busy this Summer. All of these minis are up in my sewing room decorating the walls. Thanks for stopping by and until I see you again wishing you Quilty Hugs~ Heide 

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  1. Heide, your minis are great! I have Lara's new book and I can't wait to try her method. How clever using the letter J for the umbrella handles. The spiral quilting is very nice! What cute butterflies, I'll be checking out that pattern.

  2. Wow these are all so cute! I especially love the star one.

  3. There is a whole bunch of fun packed into each of these colorful minis. Congrats on all the finishes.

  4. I love all your mini's, especially the rainbow butterflies. I have Lara's book too, I love it.

  5. Loving your minis! That fox is too cute. I've really been wanting to make one! Feeling inspired. 😊

  6. Wow Heide you have been sooo busy!!! They are gorgeous - you're studio wall must look great! I have a real fondness for the fox ....