Friday, May 27, 2016

Panda-modium panda pillow.

I have been one busy quilter and I am on a mini mania quilting spree! Here is just one of the quilt little minis that I made....I was going to keep it and put it up as a quilt in my quilting room. My daughter's friend has a birthday close to mine. So I asked Mia ( Daughter) if I could make a present for her friend, and my daughter said sure...when she saw the Panda she fell in love. 
Isn't this guy just the cutest! It  is a free pattern from last year over at Fat Quarter shop.  They are so good and giving you patterns for all different kinds of quilts. Here is a link to all their free patterns and some of them have videos for those like me that are visual learners. 
Here is my backing with my first....yes first zipper installment! Doing a happy dance, dance, dance!! This did cause me some anxiety but, after a few videos and the great tutorial over at S.O.T.A.K handmade by Svetlana. I was able to do it. Do you see those stripes lined up....LUCKY! That is all I have to say about that. 

Here is a peek that there really is a zipper there, LOL! Thanks for stopping by and until I see you again wishing you all Quilty Hugs~ Heide 

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Can I get a Whoop- Whoop. 


  1. Your panda cushion is lovely. I really like the blue background and the quilting compliments it well. I am most impressed with your zipper, your stripes line up perfectly. It's something I avoid, I always do envelope backs and it's one of the reasons I don't do pouches. Thank you for the links I will definitely check them out.

  2. Heide, what a fabulous piece of work! I'm so impressed with your zipper installment and lining up that fabric couldn't be more perfect! I'll bet Mia's friend will cherish this forever...such a great gift and better than anything Target could offer!

  3. Congrats on your first zipper! I still have minor zipper anxiety, despite having done a few on pouches. I am super impressed at your stripes lining up! That panda is just too cute.

  4. So cool! Love your panda cussion. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I forgot to comment on this when we were 'talking' the other day. He is super cute! So funny how you had decided to keep him and then gave him away. Congrats on the zip - keep practising and soon the muscle memory will take over!

  6. You did a phenomenal job installing that zipper. The panda its self it adorable. How sweet to give it to your daughter's friend.