Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have been a very busy quilter lately. I head back to work on Wednesday so I wanted to get as much done as I could.
As you have seen on a earlier post I have joined Lorna's Dog Gone Cute Quilt hop and I am happy to say that I have been working hard on my Dog Gone Cute quilt and it was deliver to the quilter today! I can not wait to get it back, because it is just too Dog Gone cute!!! Here is another sneak peek.
Guinness is my super model with my quilt. You can read more about this quilt along that is happening now and the hop that starts in October here. 
At the end of August I took a Long Arm Quilting class at a Shop near me Called Fabric Affair.  What an intimidating class, but Michelle the owner of the shop is with you every step of the way when you bring your quilts in. This is the quilt that I brought in.
The pattern is an old one, Yellow Brick Road. The fabric is Woodland Summer by Holly Taylor. Here is a close up of some of my quilting.
I need to learn to breath, breath and did i mention breath! I also need to work on  the length of my work space while using the machine.  I might bring some tape to put on my quilt so I know how far down I can go. I also used minky for the backing  and was told it was a lot harder to use the long arm with. So next time I will try just a cotton backing. This is going to be one warm quilt to keep me from freezing this winter!
I have attached the binding and will work on that this weekend when I travel to some soccer games with my daughter.
The next thing I did was sign up for a swap! I am very excited, I have never done a swap before. I do not want to post the swap in case my partner see this post and I will post what I get from the swap when it arrives.
I made a mug rug, pin cushion

 and a little tissue holder.
Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all quilty hugs.
Sew cute Tuesdays.  
Sew fresh quilts. 
WIP- Freshly pieced


  1. The Dog Gone Cute quilt along is super cute, and even more so if you're a dog lover! This will make such a sweet quilt. It looks like you have a lot of projects in the works... so do I! It seems that I work better that way.

    How fun to take a long arm quilting class, I'm sure you learned a lot. I can imagine that it is only a matter of time and practice before you feel right at home. Fun projects!

  2. The dog quilt pattern is so cute, I love your twist on it!

  3. Fantastic you have it pieces already! Can't wait to see it on hop!

  4. Your puppies are so cute! I can't believe your top is done already, I can't wait to see the beg reveal!

  5. Hi! Your big dog on a quilt looks fantastic! I love Guinness, one of my favourite breeds. x Teje

  6. Your quilt is cute but your Airedale Guinness is adorable. I'm sure he helps you quilt, right? Our previous Airedale was always involved in whatever handwork I was doing - the quilt blocks were sprawled everywhere, the knitting needles, the crochet hook -- she loved doing it all. Our current Airedale, Hannah, isn't much interesting in handwork (thank goodness!).

  7. So many lovely things going on in your world this week. Can't believe that you have finished your DGC quilt - now I really feel slow out of the blocks! I too have signed up for my first mini swap so will also need to get on with that. Love the mug rug and pincushion you have also made - your partner will be very happy!

  8. You sure have been a Dog Gone busy quilter, Heide. It's so exciting to see that sneak peek! Guinness is the sweetest model ever. Love your swap items.... Especially that mug rug. Love the dark and light sides against those yummy flying geese!

  9. love the picture of the dog by the doggie quitl!

  10. You have an Airedale?!!! Me, too. It's such fun to find quilting bloggers who also have Airedales.