Monday, July 20, 2015

A little of this and a little of that, plus a blooper!

I have been working with some fat quarters that I purchased. This green star is some thing I was working on and thought I would make it into a pillow, but it is just a bit big for a pillow so I will turn in to a small quilt to hang on the wall and practice my quilting and bindings. 

Trying my hand on some scrappy 4 patch stars. This weekend I have been working on stars. 
The red are 2 of 4 that I will be making for a small quilt. Both of these are from Missouri star quilt videos. Love Jenny's videos so may great ideas.  The fabric is what it left from a quilt I bought from Craftsy a few month ago when they were having a big sale. I have 75% of the quilt cut out and the fabric in the center is what was  from the scraps. I am in a stop mode and can only get 2 done because I ran out of the white fabric and need to go to the quilt store and get some more! 
Some other things that I have been working on. 
I saw a tutorial for a cutting, ironing table  at Buzzin bumble.  
I was in desperate need of a cutting table because I was on the kneeling on the floor trying to cutting my fabric, let me tell you...not fun! I had carpet burns on the tops of my  feet from all the getting up and down. LOL!
I found the table at Goodwill and it was $19. The board cost me about $25 and the rest of the stuff was just a few more dollars. I think the whole thing cost me under $75. The best part is it is saving my knees and back ! Happy Dance time!!
Here is the top, when I am cutting larger things, I use my big cutting mat. 
Now How about a little funny. 
I made the red cherries on Fri,  ( Bee in my bonnet - farmgirl vintage) I was so excited and wanted to get it quilted up and started quilting, so proud of myself that I was doing this on my own then I attached the binding again very happy with myself, Happy and cheering the whole time Go Heide, Go Heide...Then I was getting ready to hand sew the binding on and OH NO!!!! The stems of the cherries were sewn on wrong! I had to make the little blueberries ( same pattern as cherries) just to prove to myself that I could do it right. At first I was mad, All that cute fabric wasted, then I had to laugh, how could I not see it. Oh live and learn. 
Thanks for stopping by and Happy quilty hugs to you all. 

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  1. Congrats on the cutting table! I can't wait to get mine. Love the stars!

  2. I've said to a couple people today what Angela Walters says, "You only see your own mistakes". I went back and forth like 3-4 times between your blueberries and cherries to figure out, stems wrong, huh? Finally I see it, but it is not noticeable one bit, I promise. I hope you let Lara know you used her tutorial, love that girl; she has such ingenious ideas. I want to make the pressing station with the storage under it. So Craftsy sale was good? You're happy? I keep alllllmosssst jumping and buying something, then think yikes my stash is crazy as it is....

  3. Great new board!!! ANd ya know what...quilting is soo forgiving...I never saw your oopppsss till you mentioned it!

  4. I too had no idea that your FGV blocks had a blooper. They look wonderful Heide, as do your other blocks too.
    You did a great job with your ironing table - wow what a deal you got too. Can't beat the total price for sure! I hope you love using it as much as i love mine. Sorry that it took me so long to respond, I was off the computer for a few weeks.