Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Two fabric Bargello.

Hello my quilty friends. I have a new finished quilt for you today. It is a 2 fabric Bargello. I used about 1.5 yards of  Kaufman Effervescence.  The second fabric is 1.5 yards of an ombre fabric. Sorry I do not remember what I used or where I got it.  I used a 3rd fabric  in the border and 4th on the back. 
Here is a look at the Effevescence fabric. You can also see the quilting which was done by my friend at Creative Stitching Services,  she does beautiful work. 
Here is a closer look at the quilting. I did use a pattern and I will not post the pattern name, you can google two fabric bargello. I just did not like it, too many pages and I did not think it made sense.  I ended up doing my own thing to  make the pattern.
I carried a bit of the check pattern out into the border. 
A peek of the backing. This was to be a wall hanging and I am crying.....I do not have a wall space for it. 
One last look before I go. Thanks for stopping by. Until I see you again, Wishing you Quitly Hugs~Heide

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop. 


  1. No room on the wall? What about at the back of a chair? Or on a hangar at the top of a door? Or even at the window pane? Love the effect with those fabrics, superb.

  2. It turned out fabulously, Heide! Sorry you were a bit frustrated by the pattern, but clearly you made it work. Congrats on a wonderful finish, and I hope you find a great place to display it :)

  3. Beautiful bargello quilt, these fabrics are fabulous!

  4. It's wonderful that in spite of the pattern's limitations, you were able to make a beautiful quilt. I love your fabric choices and the quilting really enhances the "movement" of the pattern.